Below are organisations, companies and business owners we have access to their services and have partnered with them to enabled you to get the same support and benefits in order to grow your business. These businesses are professionals and well known in the country. Referrals have to be made through us, complete the form below to show your interest.

Internet Business School

We are also partnered with the Internet Business School for individual that want to starts their own business online and make money through the internet. Founder of the Internet Business School is Simon Coulson who is a recognised trainer of internet marketing in UK. With the Internet Business School and Simon Coulson’s team you will learn how to write a book, make money online, start your own local internet business, video marketing and more.Learn more »

Success Mastery

If You’re Serious About Using The Internet In Any Form At All For Your Business, you will need to join the success mastery program. With The Internet Comes Huge Opportunity To Accelerate Your Business Growth. They offer free one day event, if you want, you can register for their 3 day live event where they will cover in-depth of what you need to know on how to grow your business or develop your idea online.Contact us »

Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that helps young people aged 11 to 30 get into jobs, education and training. We will also refer you to the Prince’s Trust for business support and training for any one between the age of 18 to 30 that resides in the UK. They will help you with your business idea, provide you with training across London, help you to create your business plan and more till you business is up and running and provide you with business mentor.Contact us »

Rich Vision

LB Internet Consultancy have partnered with Rich Vision (Mavis Amankwah) to assist you with any business advice and support needs for anyone over the age of 18 that wants to starts their own business in the UK. With their team, they can help you with business plan, financial assistance with the Start up Loan Company as well as developing your business idea. Referral have to be made by us!Learn more »


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