Once you take on our social media package, we will identify where your customers go and what they say about you on the web. We will look for ways to understand whether that is visiting blogs, sharing pictures, videos, writing and reading product reviews, connecting with colleagues, sharing with friends and family on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

After we have pinpoint which online communities your product or service appeals to, we can put together an integrated social media strategy to connect with your customers and drive sales opportunities from your social media.
As well as managing it on a regular basis if you decide to go for our social media management package.

Our team offer social media consulting and hands-on campaign management via a tailored set of services to meet your social media marketing needs in order to maximise results and save you money.

Social Media Creation

We will identify the social networks (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc…) where you should be participating and where people are talking about you. We will also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation.

We will create two social media accounts to get you started for free when you take on one of our social media packages. You can decide whichever platform you want created for your business at no cost when you take on any of our packages starting from £345. However if you want more account created or just want to go for our social media page created you will have to pay £50 for each account/page.See Pricing »

Social Media Management

Short on time? We will post, monitor and update your social media accounts for events, offers and promotions announcement, also we will share news & links, photos and videos. Our company manages social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram on your behalf. We use relevant social media marketing services to help your business grow and meet their goals.

Regular conversation strategies for your social media presences to engage and grow your audience. Therefore interactions with fans each day, get feedback from users and prospects and take part in other relevant discussions to improve your online reviews is vital to the growth of your company/business.

We will identify your competitors tactics, potential service providers and action alerts that we can start implementing to shake their hold on your industry. At the end of the month we will provide you with an audit report to see how you progressing online.See Pricing »

Social Media Promotions

Once you take on any of our social media management packages, as part of our packages we will do free social media promotions for selected period of time depending on the package you choose on our own platforms/accounts. Our social media promotions includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp Groups and Facebook Groups. We will also promote your content on our YouTube community however this offer applies to those spending over £500 on a monthly basis therefore giving you a wider reach to promote your content/business. Our platforms are well established and well-known within selected communities so be sure you are getting the right audience for to your products/services.See Pricing »

Paid Advertising

Social Media is also an active platform to advertise and promote your service offerings. You can trust LB Internet Consultancy to run your Social Media Marketing campaigns and advertising as one of the best Social Media Optimisation Company in London. We would not only help you create advertisements for your social media platform but also help you use the social media platform to gather audiences for your social media advertisements and convert them into active leads.

LB Internet Consultancy will help your brand reach a new audience through Pay Per Click, Display, Social Media Ads and other social placements, optimising performance along the way including Facebook advertising.Contact Us »

Once you take on one of our social media management package, we then do the work and after the job is complete, LB Internet Consultancy will offer free promotions on all our social media accounts for selected period of time depending on the package you choose.  We have over 10 interactive social media platforms plus managing your own social media accounts and share to our own pages including Whatsapp Groups and Facebook Groups. We also charge for on-going social media promotions, social media creation and social media management. We can also do paid advertising on selected popular networks at additional cost. The power of social media, as well as its widespread popularity and use, has transformed it into an effective marketing tool.